Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outlook: Week Numbers Lost and Setting Disabled for Good (Unable to Change)


I'm a big fan of week numbers. I've always had the week number visible as it's how things often are scheduled.

The pics at the right demonstrate how Outlook shows the week numbers when they are set visible.

However, a while ago the week numbers mystically went missing. Instead of the week number the month view showed date range (pic at the right) - which is useless for me, at least.

I jumped to Outlook'sOptions -> Calendar, as I know that's where the checkbox is. For my surprise the setting "Show week numbers in the month view and in the Date Navigator" was unchecked and the the setting was completely disabled - I couldn't change it.

As an end user, I didn't have much options to dig into this (from server rule-perspective for example) but with some help and try-error method found out that removing and adding my account again solved the issue. The setting is now checked (week numbers visible) but the box is disabled - i.e. can't be modified.

Why were the week numbers lost? I'm not sure, but I think the updates I installed a few days earlier - or some corporate server rules - are to blame.

Have you experienced the same issue, and/or any idea on the root-cause?

Also, I'm curious on what is the reasoning to completely disable the user to change a purely visual setting as the week number? :) Shouldn't at least have anything to do with security.

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