Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excel VBA: Does the Cell or Range Have a Formula

Need to quicky check if a cell contains a formula? Use Range's HasFormula property:

Property definition
  • Expression = Range object
  • Returns:
    • True if all cells in range contain a formulss
    • False if none contain formulas
    • Null if some cells contain a formula 
    • Read-only Variant
Use IsNull to check if the result is Null.

Example 1

You have a column, where you want the user to have two options:
  1. By default include a formula
  2. Let the user enter a value manually
The formula is updated on Worksheet_Open or a button.

' Update only cells with formulas.
If ActiveSheet.Cells(Row, Column).HasFormula  Then
    ' Update or refresh your formula here.
End If

Example 2

See MSDN's HasFormula Property page for an example which recalculates the active worksheet if any cell in the currently selected range contains a formula.

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